Our final week of fashion has arrived but its bittersweet as it is in Paris. We were taken back to the 70’s with Hermes who sported a retro feeling with the brand’s signature orange and a lot of brown tones. Sonia Rykiel showed the other side of the seventies with a collection that strongly hinted at Saturday Night Fever. The flares, jumpsuits and V-necks made us want to Boogie! But Giambattista Vali touched our hearts with a glitter collection that would dazzle you. This fashion week also saw the relaunch of one of the world’s most iconic fashion houses: Poiret. The man who –thank god-  liberated us from the petticoat and the corset, although some of our fashion darlings might argue over the corset. Finally, we scooped out the best party of the week for you which was the Givenchy Paris’World Tour Party. This was even more special, because its famed designer Hubert de Givenchy past away last week. The party was hosted at the Poulpry Hotel and contained two whole floors full of surprises. They brought an air of 90’s mystique to Paris with mysteries and spooky sounds featuring a video performance of the spring collection, but that’s not all. There was among other things all-night karaoke, a gypsy fortune teller, crystal ball included. So experience Paris Fashion Week with and all its surprises with us!